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AffaMed Therapeutics Announces Release of Headache Clinical Decision Support System

June 14, 2023

Shanghai, 14  June 2023 -- AffaMed Therapeutics (“AffaMed”), a global biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing transformative pharmaceutical, digital and surgical products that address critical unmet medical needs in ophthalmological, neurological and psychiatric disorders, announced at the 16th Annual Meeting of Neurologists of the Chinese Medical Association the official release of AMD-203, its Headache Clinical Decision Support System (“Headache CDSS”), co-developed with the International Headache Center of the Chinese PLA General Hospital.


The AMD-203 Headache CDSS is an auxiliary digital tool tailored for headache diagnosis, providing clinical assistance in secondary headache screening as well as diagnosing various primary headaches. In addition, it can also enable self-screening by patients. Following entry of information on patient symptoms via a WeChat-based inquiry robot (chatbot), the Headache CDSS system provides physicians with AI-assisted diagnostic findings and advice.


Results from a clinical trial conducted in 16 national hospitals in China, recently published in 'The Journal of Headache and Pain' 1 show that the Headache CDSS system offered an impressive accuracy rate for both secondary and primary headache diagnoses. The alert rate for secondary headache risk reached 100%, while the sensitivity and specificity for primary headache exceeded 80% and 95%, respectively. In addition, the human-machine dialogue was well integrated during the diagnostic process, leading to high patient satisfaction.

Professor Yu Shengyuan, Council member of the International Headache Society, Council member of the Chinese Medical Association, and Chairman of the Neurologists Branch, stated, “Due to our large population, we have a substantial group of headache patients. The accuracy of headache diagnosis needs to be further improved. The World Health Organization calls for 90% of headache patients to receive standardized diagnosis and treatment at primary healthcare units. The Headache CDSS system will aid in enhancing the diagnostic accuracy of non-specialist or junior doctors, thereby initiating targeted treatment, reducing unnecessary medical expenses, and lessening the burden of headache, creating significant societal and economic benefits.”

Dr. Zhao Dayao, CEO of AffaMed Therapeutics, said, “The AMD-203 Headache CDSS system, our first self-developed digital healthcare platform, will create an integrated solution for headache diagnosis, treatment, management and understanding. Starting with an assistive diagnosis, we hope it will become an everyday tool for every clinical doctor, especially those at the primary level, just like a stethoscope. Collaboration with Professor Yu's team has resulted in a robust combination of technological research and clinical application, driving the innovation and implementation of digital headache diagnosis and treatment.”

In January 2023, AffaMed announced it had entered into an agreement with Eli Lilly and Company (“Eli Lilly”) to obtain sole commercialization rights to import, market, promote, distribute and detail Galcanezumab once approved in Mainland China. A new drug application for Galcanezumab as a preventative treatment for episodic migraine in adults was submitted by Eli Lilly to China's National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”) in June 2022.

About AffaMed Therapeutics

AffaMed Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing transformative pharmaceutical, digital and surgical products that address critical unmet medical needs in ophthalmological, neurological and psychiatric disorders for patients in Greater China and around the world. The leadership team at AffaMed Therapeutics has gained deep industry expertise and an extensive track record in high-quality discovery, clinical development, regulatory affairs, business development, manufacturing, and commercial operations at leading multi-national biopharmaceutical companies in China and globally.


1.     Han et al. The Journal of Headache and Pain (2023) 24:57, https://doi.org/10.1186/s10194-023-01586-1.